Our services

Interim Management

    • Temporary assumption of company management
    • Planning and implementation of time-sensitive tasks and projects
    • Short-term representation in emergencies in case of illness or longer periods of absence
    • Bridging gaps in time during which there is no management or during periods of succession resolution
    • Securing operative business when there are differences between the partners


  • Practical training of management staff, department supervisors and managing directors
  • Short and long-term coaching for managers and company founders
  • Design and setup of company and service structures
  • Search for and train company successors and external managers
  • Arrangement of international trade relationships
  • Regional networking of the company in politics, press and economy


  • Consultation and support in all areas of business
  • Support in financial, factoring and banking matters
  • Crisis management and restructuring
  • Recapitalization, consolidation
  • Implementation of new processes and optimization of old processes
  • Consultation for product development and market introduction
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