About Quartarius

The desire and the passion to pass on our own experience to other people; that is what motivates the founder and director of our company.

Dirk Viertel

Dirk Viertel worked in a variety of management positions for twenty years and was a managing director of a medium-sized company for more than ten years. During this time, he gathered practical and useable experience in regards to both the successful and less successful phases of a company.

There was a hole in the market waiting to be filled, so we developed the offer of very practically-oriented training and consultation for managers, supervisors and company founders.

When working with them, we only touch upon the theory of the laws and manuals, because there are a lot of providers for this. We place the focus on the practice of daily business and long-term company development.

Our know-how is rounded out by the knowledge and understanding of the regions and particularities of eastern Germany.

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